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Hots For Scots. Oh Yeah. [entries|friends|calendar]

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this is what boredom does to michelle [11 Oct 2004|07:50pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

^i can dig it

and the hand that says I'm not alone

for all i know........of you now. [11 Oct 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]

today wasnt as boring as i thought it would be. i got woken up by the cleaning people. i wasnt too happy about that because it was fucking 8//30 in the morning! well anyways i didnt end up sleeping in the boat because it was freezing out last night, but eric did. anyways i got up and had a bagel. then hung around and got ready then me and my mother went grocery shopping. then after that we went to walmart. i was in the clothes and i got this sudden urge to get an orange sweatshirt. so my mother and i looked around in thew juniors and womens sections with no luck. then we went to mens and there was ONE LEFT! it was amazing i swear lol. so i got that and the lady at the counter was a total bitch. she was like, 'well i see someone likes orange. the reason i will never know' i was like, 'yeah that would be me *death glare*'. so then we left and went home. i sat around again and had some exciting yogurt. that was liberating. then i took a shower and then watched friends and will and grace. then i had dinner. now im down here. woot.

peace, love, monaghan and boyd

and the hand that says I'm not alone

im so bored so i resort to this [10 Oct 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Dom Monaghan Love! by sblomlvrgrl
Your Name
SECOND favorite color
Title of the song stuck in your head:
You will meet him:When you create a demo CD with your new band, "Sblomie". He loves all the lyrics and contacts you.
He will say:" I bought that same shirt for a friend's birthday. Don't worry- she was a girl. Is that bad?" *ponder*
You will say:" Gee, you're cute."
He will look like:
Afterward you will:Go clubbing together and he will put his arms around you and dance with you until you can no longer breath and you can't feel your feet (or hips, because from what I hear, Dom likes to grind). Then he takes you home with him and kisses you lightly until you fall asleep on his bed in his arms.
You guys will hang-out:All the time.
Is it bad?Is WHAT bad? And anyway, to answer both parts of this question: HELL NO.
Best part:You guys got married and you have one little boy and you are pregnant with a girl.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

^could you die right now with that PICTURE!!

Which QAF actor(ress) will fall in love with you? by pixiemoon
Favorite Color
who?Peter Paige
How come?Cause you were there
Will it last?Forever
Quiz created with MemeGen!

^yeah baby! too bad in the show he is flaming as hell...
and the hand that says I'm not alone

a boat [10 Oct 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | envious ]

friday: went to school. got my midterm filled out in my classes. all b's and a c+. go me! english we ate pizza and watched buffy the vampire slayer with all the cheesy vampires. when i got home i hung around and then got burger king. then i went to bed.

saturday: got up late!!!! YAY! then i sat around and watched the pretty in pink marathon and got in trouble so i couldnt go to witches woods. i ended up talking to people online and ashley aked me to draw vill valo for her so i did that. oh yeah, i also went to lil peach with kerri and meaghan and when i got back i burned the keane cd from kerri. then me and my family went out to fridays. we also got the boat. its fucking huge man. it takes up the side yard. also we named it. its not OFFICIAL of anything but its being called STUGATZ which is EAT SHIT in italian lol.

sunday: i got up and sat around all fucking day. it was so boring. im sleeping in the boat tonight. that should be eventful. im probly not gonna make it through the night. i tried finding someone to come with me so i wouldnt be stuck alone with my brother but no ones home today at all!!! but anyways yeah. im so bored. my parents went to get take out japenese. i cant wait, i get to use chopsticks (i know thats chinese but im not giving up this oppurtunity).

peace, love, monaghan and boyd

and the hand that says I'm not alone

justin was obsessed with star wars [07 Oct 2004|07:15pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

tuesday: school then shopping. woohoo new clothes.

wednesday: got up, missed bus, went to katlynns bus minus katlynn, sat alone, got to school, went to math, moved seats in health (i sit near the door), went to krystas class for end on science and watched stupid demonstration (gag me) and me and krysta were cracking up over nothing, went to latin and got test back (93. eat that), went to lunch and got mad fun of for my sparkly shirt (it looks like a figure skater threw up on it lol), went to english and worked on poster of hero with purple hair, presented (ugh), met shannon and went on bus. came home and listened to fighting. eric vs. mum and dad. very entertaining.

thursday: got up LATE (thanks mum) and got dressed and left. FREEZING at the bustop. good thing i had my poncho/sweater. 100% polyester......yummy. we got to school and walked to shannons locker and back. then we saw krysta and i held her backpack while she got hot chocolate (heaviness). then bawbee came so we went and the bell rang too so me and krysta went to his locker with him (shannon went to class like a good student which were not) and we found rachel. then we all left and went to our classes. math was so boring oh my god. then i went to health and it was a "relaxing period" so she turned off the light so we could sleep or listen to music and stuff so i (being the cellphone wanted person i am) read my book for english (presenting on thursday). then i went to science where we went to krystas class again for more demonstrations (rip peeps October 7, 2004). then i went to latin and dropped my pen. i stared at that pen all class. then at the end of class i got it. then i went to lunch where i was called a bird by ashley for my poncho lol. then after lunch i went to english. woohoo that was fun. we debated sterotypes. i mentioned my dad and how people think hes part of the mafia when they meet him but all my friends know that hes like the nicest person. then blah blah blah....OH YEAH! he smiled at me......;).....twice......lol. then we were informed were getting pizza tomorrow and she was like is anybody a vegetarian in here? i was the only lonely hand. i felt so alone lol. then we went to the bus. that was so funny because me and shannon got on the bus and then meghan callahan so i looked at the bus behind us and the only person in there was cory bender. so i was like meghan omg you need to stare at him. so she stared at him and he was listening to music and tapping his hands so she did that too. so then he saw and stopped tapping so meghan did too. then he stared again so meghan did too. it was so funny. then jess velmure got on the bus and we called katlynns cell phone and left some messages with jesses cellphone. then i came home. isnt that exciting?

peace, love, monaghan and boyd

and the hand that says I'm not alone

Shannon3052: hair folical [04 Oct 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well today was a snore fest. i got up and went downstairs and the phone rang. it was shannon and she got up really late so we had to drive her to the bustop. good one shannon. so then we got to school and i went to math. i heard shaye ricca in the hall screaming about anime club then class started. after math i got to health and realized i left my stupid poster board upstairs in math. so i asked for a pass and went up to get it. shannon was in the class laughing at me. i was like shut up i know im retarded. so then i got back to health and then went to science. that was just so boring. i proceeded to not take notes and instead doodle. i drew my hand twice, ben in the front of the room with pointy teeth (lol sorry) and alex turos foot (dont ask). then i went to latin. there were only about 10 people in the class because of a feild trip so i listened to this kid who sits in front of justin (i think his names mike) talk about latin stuff (gag me). then we went to lunch were i was called a lesbian (which im not) and so i 'accidently' got juice on justin for it. lol sorry justin about your '75 dollar shirt'. youll live. so then i went to english where i turned in my stupid poster and we have ANOTHER project about a hero. its me, marci kates and yung (from the last project). we just made one up. geneveve with purple hair lol. then i met shannon and we got on the bus. jess velmure said that its a good thing me and shannon arent in any classes together because all we did was laugh about random shit on the ride home. i think she thinks were crazy lol. then i came home and listened to my brother scream at my parents and vice versa. that was exciting. now im here.

peace, love, monaghan and boyd

and the hand that says I'm not alone

your mom [03 Oct 2004|08:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i havent updated for a while. sorry lol.

thursday: well today i basically did nothing. oh yeah, justins a tampon.

friday: well me and shannon went on katlynns bus in the morning. we sat like right in front of cory bender. i dunno why but it was so surreal for me. i havent seen him in like 5 years, since 4th grade. i used to have this massive crush on him too lol. so that was weird. then we got to school and met up with ashley and went to talk to some people. then i went to class and the rest of school was all boring. including that guidance meeting *snore*. then we got on the bus and me, shannon, marissa, and meghan callahan ended up talking to this kid named brian, who was trying to guess our names. he only managed to find out marissas lol so thats good he doesnt know mine. so then i went home and i asked my mother if i could go to the movies with krysta and shannon and a bunch of other people and she said no, i had to go out with them to dinner. that was.....interesting. my parents got somewhat intoxicated *big word* and my dad told us all about his vastectamy *i didnt need to know about this* and then he proceeded to shout FLAVOR FLAV a bunch of times. so then we went home and they all went in the hot tub. i didnt feel like it so me and the dog watched The Doors, which happened to be on. that was a really powerful movie. i needa buy it. so then i was feeling really wierd and 60s, so i went in my room, put on my Woodstock 69 shirt, lit some inscense, and started drawing stuff. then my dad came in my room and yelled at me because "the inscence will burn the house down" so i put it out and went to sleep.

saturday: i got up and hung out for a little bit. my parents went down the street to look at this boat they wanna buy then they went to home depot. when they got home my and my mum went to Dots, then TJMax and alicias mothers store *Just the Perfect Gift*. i got two shirts, a fuzzy purple bag, a teddy bear with wings *i just needed this bear lol* and a ring with Michelle written on it. then we headed home and we stopped at the video store. i rented eternal sunshine for the spotless mind. then eric went out with the sweeneys until late so my and my parents went out for japenese. then i came home and watched my movie *that is now my most favorite movie. it was just phenomenal and i recommend it to everyone*. after that was over, i went upstairs and i was feeling very Clementine so i put my hair in high pig tails, put on funky pajamas and listened to music while reading a magazine. i dont know what it is but whenever i watch a movie that moves me or that i really like, i get in the mood to act like it kinda. then i fell asleep.

sunday: i woke up freezing and ate a bagel. so then i hung around for a while, cleaned my room *i know ashley, SHOCKER! but my mum made me*. then my mum took me to cvs and i got a poster board and blue temp. hair dye. i am DETERMINED to dye my hair platinum blonde, then ELECTRIC blue before the end of the year. i need to do something BIG! like HUGE! to shock people. so i think the only way to do that is to dye my hair blue. maybe red of green. i think green would be cool too. no one has green hair. but then again, no one has blue hair either lol. so then i took two showers, did my eyebrows, did that poster project for english and ate dinner. now im here talking to shannon and marissa.

peace, love, boyd and monaghan

1 are the shoulder that I've always known| and the hand that says I'm not alone

rain drops are fallin on muh head......haha muh. MUH! [29 Sep 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

so yeah. today i did the usual. stared at the guy in english. went to school. then i came home. i finished my "adidas sculpture". it is beautiful. but im sad i could only fit one shoe on the piece of wood i had. oh well. i had a funeral for the other one which i had no choice but the throw away. i coulda made something out of it but it took my forever to cut up the other one and also when a girl like me uses powertools to cut up a sneaker that doesnt smell good in the first place, it can get messy. so i decided the art world would survive with just one shoe sculpture. lol. so i decided to do something else constructive so i cut up one of my shirts to say Vote Kerry and im wearing it on election day (i think there's school....). it is just gorgeous. so my dad got me a veggie burger from burger king (gag me) and now im on here. woot.

love, peace, boyd and monaghan

and the hand that says I'm not alone

im juss a lil pissed of.............f [28 Sep 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Well today, I got up 15 minutes late. Got dressed and did my makeup. Went to the bustop. I almost missed the bus AGAIN. We got to school early so we walked around the school with Marissa for like 10 minutes. I Went to math, health, science, latin, LUNCH...where I witnessed a fatal disaster of spaghetti sprawled out all over the floor! All due to the cheap foam plates they use. Went to english and admired "|<|3|)/-\/\/" (secret code name for the hottest man alive). Then I found Shannon and we walked outside. Then I told Shannon to go back into the school and see the guy I like so she did. Then she came outside and smelled Aja's "sprite" bottle. It smelled good according to her lol. Then we went on the bus and such. After a while me and Shannon realized we were the only ones on the bus. SHE FORGOT TO DROP US OFF! so we informed her of this particular phenomenon. Then we went to my house and we had salt and vinegar chips and onion dip. Now we're at the computer.

peace, love, boyd and monaghan

4 are the shoulder that I've always known| and the hand that says I'm not alone

lol happy? [27 Sep 2004|05:14pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

justin is now in my journal. are you happy now lol.

and the hand that says I'm not alone

good god i look like an african tree! [27 Sep 2004|03:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well today was interesting. i got up. at 6. that sucked mad ass foo. then i went to the bustop and chilled (hey man, it was cold). then we got on the bus and shannon mispronounced rico suave (rico suervay lol). then we got to school and i went to math then health, science (we moved seats woohoo but i didnt moved and that saddened me lol), latin, lunch lol that was funny as usual, and then english. we have a stupid project in english that we hafta make up an entire civilzation AND religion AND god (goddess in our case, which is me in the play ... oh yeah lol) and its me, this guy kieran and this girl yung. kieran and yung only have one line but i have like a million. but actually, in all fairness, kieran is also the narrator so he hasta do that too. he has poison ivy. i was scared i was gonna get it lol. then i left english and me and shannon went on the bus and meghan callahan and jess velmure were there too. THAT BUS DRIVER NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE MAN! we were tossed around the stupid bus and shannon, at one point, was about twenty feet in the air! at another point, i was in another seat, thrown there actually. meghan ended up on top of shannon and it was just a bumpy ride lol. then shannon came over and we ate some exciting fruit lol. then we talked to my mum and my uncle adam for a while. then eric and my dad came home and we came downstairs and watched some videos on the computer. now im updating this.

love, peace, boyd and monaghan

and the hand that says I'm not alone

[26 Sep 2004|08:16pm]
alright ashley officially rules for this layout ok.

saturday: i did nothing in the morning save sit around and watch tv. then at 6//00 the howes and the whelans came over for a party cuz our dads are away. we went in the hottub and i banged my hip so i have a bruise :'( then we got out and went downstairs and watched ryan play zelda for eric. then we got a camera out and taped all these things. that was funny. we had this scene with ryan dancing with a blanket and eric and kyle running and beating him up. all you can hear on the tape is me laughing lol. then they went home at like 11//30 and i went to bed.

sunday: well today was interesting. i got up and ate a muffin and my mother told me she talked to the head of the Bandits at dunkin donuts and he said hes gonna call with when i can tryout because they want a catcher. then i went to softball signups for rec at southwell and signed up. on the way we stopped at famous footwear and i got new sneakers from phat farm. theyre nice and pink. then we went home and got eric and went to bjs. i got pajama pants and a winter coat. then we went to building 19 1/15 and i got nothing. then we went to bertucci's for lunch. that was exciting. i got yelled at for calling eric a moron lol. then we went to the burlington coat factory and the christmas tree shop. i got this funky lamp with feathers on it. woohoo. then we came home and saw my dad who came home earlier. now im on here.

well im going to bed and i have stupid school tomorrow

peace, love, boyd and monaghan
and the hand that says I'm not alone

[26 Sep 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Lotrboy Dating Service
by dreaminaway
Favorite Number
Your DateDom AND Billy (package deal!)
Date activitySailing
Future of relationshipSpent the night in jail.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha jail.

love, peace, billy and dom
and the hand that says I'm not alone

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